01. He was working in his [laboratory] on some kind of experiment when the explosion occurred.
02. We went to the Language [lab] once a week to work on our listening skills.
03. There was an accident in the chemistry [laboratory] when some guy mixed together some stuff, and it started a fire.
04. Your blood sample has been sent to the [laboratory] for analysis.
05. Your tests came back from the medical [laboratory] about an hour ago, and the results were negative.
06. Scientific tests in the [laboratory] have so far been encouraging, but it remains to be seen if they can be duplicated during actual treatment.
07. Scientists can now produce life in the [laboratory] from a single cell.
08. Tennessee Williams once said, "We're all of us guinea pigs in the [laboratory] of God, and Humanity is just a work in progress."
09. [Laboratory] tests have determined that people who claim to have no dreams simply forget their dreams more easily than others.
10. Tests in the [laboratory] have confirmed his theories.
11. They sent my blood samples to the [lab] this morning so I should hear from my doctor within a day or so.
12. Many animals suffer terribly in scientific [laboratories] so that medicines can be developed to save human lives.
13. Antarctica has been used as a testing [laboratory] for the joint United States-Soviet Union mission to Mars because it has much in common with the red planet.
14. Charles Darwin once called the Galapagos Islands a living [laboratory] of evolution.
15. A recent U.S. study suggests that many high school science [labs] are of such poor quality that they don't follow basic principles of effective science teaching.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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